Tuesday, February 10, 2009


V-Day is here! We have so much going on!. Check out the CWG webpage to see the full schedule.

Today is Health Resources' SexDay: At 4 pm today, Paul Joannides will give a presentation at 105 Dartmouth. He is the author of The Guide to Getting it On - the "textbook" that Sexperts use.

Then this evening from 8-10pm, the 7th annual SeXfEsTiVaL is on. The CWG passed along the organization to Health Resources to allow them more input, and to free us up for other V-Day ventures. We will still be present...in fact we'll actually have more freedom to do tables. Thanks to Health Educator Kari Jo Grant for her amazing stewardship of the festival in its new incarnation.

Tomorrow and Thursday are the 11th annual performances of the Vagina Monologues. Buy your tickets at the Collis Info Desk before they sell out! ($8)
This year we are proud to award Sergeant Rebel Roberts of Safety & Security as our 2009 Vagina Warrior! Rebel is a tireless ally and friend to the Sexual Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP) and the CWG and most importantly, to students at Dartmouth. She is our shero! Rebel will receive the award at Thursday night's performance.

Also on Thursday night, Carmen Tarleton will be coming to the Vagina Monologues. Carmen is a community member who was the target of a brutal assault a number of years ago which included her being doused with lye. As she struggles to heal, her medical and related costs are exhorbitant. We are proud to share with Carmen the proceeds from ticket sales and fundraising events for her recovery. Carmen and the example she sets, fills us with inspiration and unabashed awe at her resiliency and commitment to life. We are thrilled that she will be coming to the show.

35 Dartmouth women, including our own Megan Fallon, (CWG Asst. Director), and Michelle de Sousa (SAAP Coordinator), will put on a great performance. If you want to buy a vaginagram to cheer on your favorite actress, you can buy them at the door.

Graduate students are very involved with V-Day this year - thanks to the commitment of MALS student Katie Kinnaird working with Megan Fallon - also a MALS student. Events have included a film screening and discussion; sending chocolate pop vaginagrams; and will culminate in a Venefit for V-Day Grad student Charity Cocktail Party at The Canoe Club in downtown Hanover. The Canoe Club will provide 50% of their proceeds to our fundraising efforts - including diners who wear an identifying V-day bracelet available at the door!

I am personally, and professsionally, proud that we have participated in V-Day since its first college campaign 11 years ago. On our 10th anniversary - last year - Eve Enlser came to our campus. This was a thrill for us all, and for me personally, a life-altering experience. I am profoundly grateful for the work that she and V-day have done to create a world that is less violent for women and girls.

Proceeds from ticket sales and fundraisers go to supporting local community resources for violence against women, such as WISE, Have Justice Will Travel, and when possible, directly to community survivors.

Peace & Sisterhood
Xenia Markowitt
Center for Women & Gender
Dartmouth College

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