Monday, January 26, 2009

LA Times blog mentions CWG VIR!

The CWG Visionary-in-Residence is mentioned on the LA Times blog!

Mike Boehm may be trying playfully to stir up controversy....but we think there are enough visionaries to go around - and enough reason to create multiple Visionary-in-Residence programs!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So cool.

Peace & Sisterhood
Xenia Markowitt
Center for Women & Gender
Dartmouth College

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Women on the Agenda

Our new administration has put women on the agenda. Check out what it looks like and let us know what you think.
I remind myself that the reason women are listed last before "additional issues" is because of the "w" in women, and I hope that I'm right about that.

The Center is abuzz with activity these days in preparation for our 11th annual V-day series. Some of our new efforts include:
  • creating an ongoing student V-group which will work on the issues all year long and open up participation to men and other women who are not in the Vagina Monologues. Student group status will mean that students take on more responsibility in the staging of the Monologues but will still have all the support it needs from the CWG.
  • the Sex Festival will be coordinated by Health Resources this year and from now on. Our collaboration with Health Resources for this event has been strong for the past 6 years and will continue now as they take the reins. Look for our CWG booths at the festival!
  • Professor Susan Brison, the East Wheelock Faculty Associate and the CWG are co-hosting a teach-in on the Congo. The spotlight campaign of this year's Vagina Monologues draws much needed attention to the horrendous victimization of Congolese women. This teach-in will take place a week ahead of the monologues at Brace Commons, on *CHANGE OF DATE COMING.*
  • Look for some new ways to be creative this year as part of the V-day series. You can get up-to-the date schedule information at our current events page on the website:
It's not too late to get involved. Contact the CWG to join in the activities!

Peace & Sisterhood
Xenia Markowitt
Center for Women & Gender

Friday, January 16, 2009

Feminist President.

Welcome back to campus!

As we begin this term, we also prepare to usher in the 44th president of the United States: Barack Obama.

Presently there is a rather lively debate going on in the blogosphere about whether or not President-elect Obama should have appeared on the cover of Ms. Magazine, in superman-like pose, ripping off his button-down shirt to reveal the Feminist Majority T-shirt underneath that reads "This is what a Feminist looks like." (

Ms. Magazine's defense of the use of the image is that in an interview, President-elect Obama identified himself as a feminist. The debate rages on about a lot of things, but I am struck by this statement. President-elect Obama is - as far as I know - the only US head-of-state to declare himself a feminist.

What will this mean for women in the US, and for the women of Dartmouth? For me, the debate about whether or not one can embrace the moniker feminist is usually a distraction to the work-at-hand. I'm much more interested in what people do than what they say they do. The proof is in the pudding.

At Dartmouth, students talk a lot about gender inequities as manifested in "gendered spaces". Some may call themselves feminist - most do not - but that doesn't keep the conversations from happening frequently. Talking about how space on campus is gendered is a tangible way to see manifest the broader gender inequities women perceive at Dartmouth and in society-at-large.

The conversation about gendered spaces and possible changes to achieve equity, is very complex and involves other factors which may have or may not have a gendered component. There are no easy answers. Will a feminist president have an impact on this concern for Dartmouth students at all? It remains to be seen.

One thing for sure is that there is a palpable feeling of possibility in the beginning of this new administration. Possibility for enduring change that creates a more inclusive America. Can we create a more inclusive Dartmouth? Yes we can!

If you're interested in talking about this or other things, write a comment and/or drop by the Center.
We're in the Choates between Little and Brown.

Peace & Sisterhood
Xenia Markowitt
Center for Women & Gender